Sunday, August 10, 2008

Car Wash

Here are the boys washing the car on Friday. There had been thunder, lightning, and lots (well, for us) of rain that night and morning, and would be again the next night and morning, but they were certain that the poor old Volvo needed a bath. ABCD and Foal did a great job, they really did. And ABCD kept talking so sweetly about the car, how good it is, and how strong and safe and how the engine can just keep going and going forever. It made my heart melt. Really. Because the Volvo is 17 years old and has almost 250,000 miles on it and we all love that car ridiculously. When I was a kid I was always embarrassed by our old beater cars. I always thought it would be so glamorous to have new shiny cars all one color, with working radios and what have you. Ha! Well, the radio works, but not the tape player, and CD or MP3 or ipod? Right! The back door doesn't stay open by itself, we have to prop it open with a stick found on a road trip to Montana when the hydraulic door-lift went out. But we love this thing completely. It even has a name:
Rosario Garnet S. Volvo Case. See, its one of the family!

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