Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Mymy at the "Water Pop-ups" as he called them, in Boulder. This was the BEST thing ever! Free, fun, close to the hotel. We had fun on our trip, though it was mellower than I planned. My Mom was down with the back injury from the car crash at the beginning of July, so she wasn't as active as she normally is and in fact ended up having to go in to the emergency room. And we had to watch the Convention in the evenings to see if we could see Papa, which took up most of the afternoons and nights. Watching speeches on TV is not very entertaining for the kids, apparently. Who knew?
Still, ABCD made waffles every morning that we ate at the hotel. He made waffles until the unthinkable happened and he got tired of them! Mymy looked forward to eating a hard boiled egg with salt and pepper every morning, peeling a banana, and playing with fruit loops. He also pretended to be a garbage truck and threw every scrap away, in reverse when he could get away with it, beeping.
A trip to the crowdedest (is that a word?) and meanest Whole Foods in the World, or to some spot like one of the pretty playgrounds in Boulder or ABCD's favorite, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, then lunch, naps, a swim in the pool, and hunkering down for the convention. And another day over.
We went one night to the Washington State party, sponsored by Microsoft. That was fun, and rich, but late. The delegates didn't get there until 11:00 or so, maybe later. We barely stayed awake for our favorite delegate to arrive, then peeled our eyelids open to last another hour and a half. Whew! those crazy late nights!
ABCD and I did get to go to the Convention on Thursday. It was amazing. First, our assigned seats were in the second row from the top, in the very center section directly behind the stadium. If you've ever been to or even seen Invesco Field, you know how crazy high that is. ABCD said it should be called "Two Mile High Stadium". I was dizzy and thought we'd get nosebleeds or altitude sickness or something. It was pretty ridiculous. Anyway, we didn't have to sit there long. Aaron was chosen to sit in the inner circle, handpicked delegates and celebrities, 150 in the whole country, and he was three rows from Obama's right foot! And when he realized he was sitting up there he arranged for us to move down. We didn't get to sit with him, but we were on the floor, with the Washington state delegates, and it was amazing. AMAZING!
To be in a crowd that big, all those people united by hope and pride and patriotism was amazing. To be in a crowd so diverse, with all colors and ethnicities and religions and ages, all united by the same hope and pride and patriotism was beyond amazing. To see all those people crying with happiness, overwhelmed with emotion, to be crying there with them, well, it was something I'll cherish always, and ABCD will be able to tell his grandkids he was there when.
Whew! So most of our time was not spent doing convention things, and we really only saw our delegate at that one party, the Convention was definitely the highlight. I'm glad we all went.
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