Wednesday, December 31, 2008

holiday letter 2008

Because we actually wrote a holiday letter this year, but it doesn't seem like we'll be sending it out, I've pasted it here and blog-edited it.... don't complain- this is as good as I can do, people!

Happy holidays to all!
We’ve had an exciting and, well… busy year. We’re fulfilled with the past year and full of anticipation for the changes in the new one, for our family and our country.
Rising Star had a banner year- from winning the Congressional District race to be an Obama National Delegate in May, to a summer full of political campaigns and delegate organizing, an autumn of organizing fundraisers and campaign work for Barack Obama and local candidates. In August we all went to Denver for the Democratic National Convention, thanks to a very successful fundraiser/Spaghetti dinner catered by my parents and pulled off with the help of several friends, including a local bluegrass band. Our favorite delegate was chosen to sit in the special section right next to the stage, mere yards from Obama. This fall he was named the Washington State Democratic Party’s Rising Star of the Year. Of course politics is not all the Rising Star is about: he has started another term as a board member our Unitarian church and is neck deep in increasingly complicated felony cases as a public defender.
I spent the summer running a little daycamp for the boys and some of ABCD’s best friends. I took on a lot of the house and family responsibilities while the Rising Star was busy with the political season and I'm surely glad to have him back home on a slightly more regular basis! We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new baby due February 24. Yes, that does mean 5 winter birthdays in our family! (Jan 26, Jan 30th, Feb 15, Feb 26th) Thanks to weekly visits to my new doctor who specializes in Osteopathic Manipulation Technique, this has been the best pregnancy yet; so far no preterm labor or bed rest.
ABCD (8yrs, 11mos) is officially turning into a big kid. He learned to ride a bike this spring, moved into the advanced swimming group, and is learning to play the guitar. His fascination with machines continues and he is a voracious reader- currently devouring the Harry Potter series which his parents finally allowed him to start. This year he is signed up as a homeschool student through one of the public school districts, which still allows me to choose all of the curriculum, but also allows some extra funds for lessons and supplies. The program requires ABCD to take an annual assessment test and he placed in the 99th percentile in every category! His favorite subjects are Spanish, cursive, Leonardo da Vinci, practical math (measurement, time, money) and science.
Mymy (2yrs, 10mo) is as wild and hilarious and strong willed as a two year old could possibly be. He had his first haircut, and the lovely golden curls have given way to short, straight light brown hair. The baby has turned into a little boy. He loves wearing his brother’s shoes (literally), playing with play dough, tiny cars and trains, his wooden treehouse/dollhouse and painting. He is constantly in motion and sound, determined to be a big boy, at least as long as it is convenient.
We look forward to seeing and hearing from all of you. Yakima is growing by leaps and bounds and we’re in the middle of outdoor activity paradise. We’d love to show you around!

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