Monday, October 19, 2009

Not New Furniture

The Iowa Grandparents are visiting right now- here with time for punkin chunkin, costume making, fall decorating and Halloween preparations. And in the spirit of preparing the house for their visit we recovered the dining room bench (which was tweed plaid with a giant rip so the boys could easily stick spaghetti fingers in and pull off bits of foam, you know, for fun) and the chairs (which were blue and purple chevron from 1942, probably, and, well, at least 50 years of stains). It was time.
And Joann was having a sale- I got two yards of decorator fabric for $12, instead of the $60 they were marked. And as much as I don't like Joann (for their ads, mostly- there are those emails nearly every day, and then the fliers that come way before the sale starts so I think I'm going to get that thing I want for 40% off until I get all the way to the register, past the aisle of candy, with three crying, fussy, antsy children- it's lame. Costco does the same thing.) it is practically next door, and there are always cute fabrics. And good deals.
The bench.

The top of the bench. Take a good look- by the time you see it in person it will indubitably be covered in spaghetti smears.

The fabric for the chairs.

And one of the chairs, finished!

Not quite the new dining room furniture I really want- 52"diameter round Mission or Shaker style pedestal table with leaves, simple little smooth (no grooves for goo to get stuck in) wooden chairs- but way cheaper and less hassle.


Jennifer said...

Hmmm... same furniture I hope to have, um, one day. For now my yard sale/Wal-mart/other people's left overs will do!

What you did with the furniture you are being content with now looks great! Really wonderful fabric choices and I love it that you got them on sale. Way to go!!!

mama-aya said...

Thanks! I TRY to keep reminding myself that things needn't be really nice right now- I really would rather have a comfy, casual house that kids are welcome to sprawl all over, but oooh! there are so many pretty things out there!

Anonymous said...

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Maureen said...

Great job! I love sage green so that fabric... I love!

I'd never heard of the pumpkin patch in Naches. Thanks for the info. I think the pumpkin donuts are what sold me, but don't tell anyone I said that. ;-)

mama-aya said...

I hope you didn't eat 30 of them all at once, though! ('Cause I don't think I could keep that kind of info to myself, you know!)