Monday, April 20, 2009


Here are the children before the big Spring Pruning of 2009. Adorable, I'm sure you'll agree, if rather shaggy and wintry. This was right before Easter, and it was still wintry here. I had an image of all my boys lined up in chairs on the deck, getting sheared one by one. I suddenly just had to have clippers of my own. Here we Go!
Here's Avery pruned and jumping into yard work. As long as it involves an element of danger, machinery, and is normally a grown-up job, he's on it. Anyway he looks a lot older to me, without hair.
And my Miles, who looked so pretty with his blondey wispy shaggy hair, now looks the way he acts- 120% BOY! I am overwhelmed with the desire to dress him up in cowboy outfits and give him a hobby horse and little toy pistols. I won't, but I look at him, and, well, it's what I see.

No, we didn't shear the baby! This is just a gratuitous baby shot. Gotta slip them in when I can!

And yes, we did do actual pruning of the yard this weekend, too. And weeding. The whole household is feeling springy. I might even take the pinecones and garlands down from the mantle. Maybe. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself.

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