Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mymy 2008

Counts to 12, helps himself to snacks, climbs onto counters, into cabinets, and all over everything. Blows out candles, sneaks candy, goes potty in the toilet when and only when he feels like it. Yells at the neighborhood cats to "Poop in your own yard!" Puts on boots, hats, and gloves by himself. Loves his "ear goggles". Loads the grinder, grinds coffee beans, fills the stovetop espresso maker, and helps himself to coffee when it's done. Loves pickles, cheese, bread and butter, pasta, cucumbers, turnips, carrots, apples, mandarin oranges, and nutella. Tells knock, knock jokes by knocking on his head and repeating "Knock, Knock" over and over and over until someone answers the door. "Knock, Knock." Who's there? "Pie." Pie Who? "Pie bye bye eat it up!" Or, you know, something else as silly and, apparently, funny. Loves, loves, loves all his Plan City little wooden cars and people, the hand-me-down treehouse from brother, the new fire station and gas station from Christmas. Loves puppets and stuffed animals in a way ABCD never did. Absolutely certain he can swim, even though he absolutely can not. Sleeps in his own bed, finally... at least until 4 or 5 in the morning. Irrepressible and hilarious and sensitive and bold.
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