Monday, May 25, 2009

"I'm sure we'll see him again"

This is what the emergency room doctor said as he was clearing Miles to go home last night (well, this morning, technically, but whose counting hours?). I thought that was kind of pessimistic, but then this is the same ER doc we've at least twice, no, I'm almost 100% that he's helped us three times in the last year- when Miles got into the bottle of adult extra strength Tylenol someone left in reach and possibly un-child-safety-latched, just a few weeks ago when Miles had the fever of 105 for a week and we had two trips to the ER in two days. Perhaps the doctor feeling confident that we'll be back was just common sense, but please! At what point does an ER doc call child protective services? Five visits in a year? Six?
Anyway, this time Miles fell off a twisty slide he was climbing up, and dislocated his elbow- though I thought it was broken, and Papa thought it was a bruised arm and a tired boy. Once the doc got that elbow back in place it was only a matter of minutes before Miles was cheerful and amazed, happily waving and chattering to everyone in the hospital. Whew!

In other news- Papa came through with a really cool new camera to replace the one he killed last weekend. Thanks to Avery's careful research, heartily voiced opinions on the technical merits of DSLR , and careful reading of all of the lcoal store fliers and sales ads, they found a nifty little camera for me. I'm ready for summer photo ops!
We picked up 60 pounds of asparagus to pickle and freeze. 79 cents a pound, I think. A hot and steamy afternoon, family-canning style.
And it was 50% off everything at Value Village, and the boys are fully outfitted (except sandals size 3 for Avery) and they're ready for summer photo ops too!

Now I need to get chores done and somehow, someway, find a little time to figure out how to actually take pictures with my new camera! A fun kind of thing to find time for, I think. But at least now I can safely say, "I'm sure you'll all see us again!"

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