Saturday, May 9, 2009

Project:: Birds

7 fabric birds made from my scrap bag, one brown velvet branch, most of a bag of pillow stuffing, and 14 little velcro circles painfully sewn in place. One project-COMPLETED! And I still have time to get my 4 hours of sleep!

I was just going to make some little birds to hang on ribbon or fish line for our friends' baby's baptism tomorrow. Then I thought, well, that's cute, but not really much fun for an almost one year old. Then I thought I'd sew a little branch, and sew the birds to it. Then it could sit on a window sill or table and be cute in baby's reach. But again, not quite fun enough. Velcro! I didn't quite think it out in time, though, or I would have machine-stitched the velcro dots before sewing the birds together- I didn't know the sew-on velcro circles were sticky on the back, which made pushing a needle through by hand a major pain in the ... thumb. Why don't I have a thimble? Oh- because I NEVER sew by hand. Actually, if I'd thought it out enough I would have just stuck with a basket of birds and ribbons, to hang or not. Oh well.
This is sort of rustic and kid-friendly, not anything fancy or precious, though I do think the little birds are cute. Hopefully our friends will like it! And I'm going to make a couple more- one for some friends of ours who just had a baby and are big bird-lovers, and one for baby Ansel. With velcro dots machine sewn on before the birds are assembled! And I've actually got about 13 birds already done, including these 7, and a bunch more pieces cut out, so that part should be quick enough. It's just the darn velcro that slows everything down- otherwise this'd be a two hour project!

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