Saturday, October 18, 2008

Meal Plan 10/19-10/25

SUNDAY~ groceries
Breakfast- puff cake, fruit
Snack- church
Lunch- cheese, crackers, apples
Snack- fruit leather, carrots
Supper- Turkish lentil soup, carrots, spinach, yogurt sauce, whole wheat pita
Prep- buy 2 boxes apples, 1 box pears

MONDAY~ play date
Breakfast- farina, milk, butter, raw sugar
Snack- puff cake, pluots
Lunch- mac & cheese, tomatoes, black manukka grapes
Snack- peanut butter cookies
Supper- roast chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli, salad
Snack- popcorn
Prep- start bread dough, slice and dry apples, turn yogurt into cream cheese, soak beans, rice

TUESDAY~ homeschool gym or gymnastics
Breakfast- multigrain crockpot cereal with milk, butter, honey, apples
Snack- apple slices, pretzels, pumpkin caramel dip
Lunch- salmon salad sandwiches, veggie sticks, grapes
Snack- pluots, peanut butter granola bars
Supper- black beans, brown rice, cheese, tomatoes, cilantro, citrus salad
Snack- tortilla chips, salsa
Prep- soak oats, finish bread dough, freeze all but two loaves, bake those

WEDNESDAY~ Grandma arrives
Breakfast- baked oatmeal with apples, raisins, milk
Snack- cinnamon toast, tea
Lunch- chicken pot pie, apple sauce
Snack- carrot & spinach dips, pita chips
Supper- chicken shepherd pie, salad
Snack- baked apples, whipped cream
Prep- make applesauce & dry to leather

THURSDAY~ cows, homeschool gym
Breakfast- rice porridge with milk, butter, raw sugar
Snack- pears, pretzels, pumpkin dip
Lunch- egg salad sandwiches, veggie sticks
Snack- granola bar, apple
Supper- black bean chile, corn pie, fruit salad
Snack- tortilla chips, salsa
Prep- dry pears

Breakfast- baked oatmeal, yogurt
Snack- toast, peanut butter, tea
Lunch- chile, corn pie
Snack- pita chips, dips
Supper- pizza, salad
Snack- popcorn
Prep- bake bread sticks, make sausage

SATURDAY~ pumpkin patch & pumpkin cannons!
Breakfast- sausage egg muffins, orange juice
Snack- granola bar, sunflower seeds, pears
Lunch- egg salad sandwiches, veggie sticks
Snack- apples, pumpkin doughnuts, popcorn
Supper- frittata, salad, bread sticks
Snack- peanut butter cookies, ice cream

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