Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rising Star

This is a little brag about my husband, formerly known as "Barackstar" or "Our Favorite Delegate" because, of course, he was a delegate for Barack Obama to the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Not just any delegate, either. He was the chair of all the delegates from this 3/4 of the state, and he was chosen out of 200 people in the whole country to sit in the special section right next to the stage during the final day of the convention. He's taken those honors as responsibility, and has been working hard before work, after work, during lunches, on weekends, in his sleep, instead of sleeping, and probably even in the shower for Mr. Obama as well as local Democrats. He doorknocks, writes checks with our grocery money, organizes fabulously successful fundraisers at the drop of a hat, helps write ads, prepares candidates for speeches and debates, talks to everyone about the cadidates, all as he has been doing for years- its just this is the first year I haven't been doing the same thing. I'm using being pregnant and having two kids as an excuse, not because I don't love Barack Obama, but because I really can't imagine what else in the household can give- someone's got to occasionally wash dishes, change diapers, do laundry, cook, teach, pick up, do the yard work, and give kids a bath and story, right? Giving up The Delegate in the name of Change and Democracy is fine, though, its a cause we all believe in, passionately. Besides, the election is almost over. Almost.
But this isn't about me. This is about HE. And last week he got a call. It turns out he is getting an award from the state democratic party, an award called "The Rising Star". So guess what his new name is? That's right, he is now officially "The Rising Star". As in, "There's some mail for The Rising Star." "Let go of Papa, he has to go to work. You know you can't keep a Rising Star to yourself!" "Just wondering when you're coming home. Its getting dark and without the light of a Rising Star it'll be hard to eat supper." I think you get the picture. Maybe if he were married to someone else the honor would have a chance to get to his head, but here I am, surrounded by kids and dirty laundry, keeping him grounded (well, you might say mocking him-that's your own opinion). Really, we're all proud and take every opportunity to tell everyone about what and how he's doing. And besides, we all know a Rising Star just has to SHINE!
So Monday he'll get his day of glory, an we'll all be there cheering for him with love and pride, happy to see that others appreciate his fine qualities too! Because he is a star, in our eyes, and you know you just can't keep a Rising Star down.

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