Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Watercolor Spider Webs

This is the spider web painting that Mymy made. We don't usually paint on Tuesday, at least not for school, but we needed to start things off with something really fun and unusual this morning. I woke up really cranky, fed up with naughty boys climbing all over me and not minding, and I made Mymy cry by shouting at him first thing when he tried to follow me into the bathroom. One minute! Some things you just want to do alone once in a while, you know? So we painted as soon as the table was cleared from breakfast (and I was done yelling at them to EAT and stop playing for crying out loud!) It wasn't a good start, I think I already mentioned that?
And here's ABCD's. He was very careful about drawing a spider web with black crayon, and thinking about how a spider web would really look, but he insisted on painting the whole thing brown. He only wanted color around the outside, though he wanted that all to be brown, too. But I wouldn't let him, Lord knows why. I MADE him use color. It looks pretty cool, in real life, but I feel lousy every time I see it, because I was so awful this morning that I couldn't even let him paint a spider web in one solid color, just to see what happened. Ugh! Poor kids.

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