Thursday, June 11, 2009


One of Avery's scale drawings, showing phase one of the construction project. In Waldorf schools the 3rd grade class often culminates in a building project- a house or shed, something like that. Throughout this year Avery's learned about the history of shelter and geographical considerations in construction, the process of designing and building. Friends of ours had a house built, and Avery's watched the process with great interest and even helped with some hammering and things.
When we were looking for a house to buy he REALLY wanted one with a tree house, but that didn't work out. And while we have several trees, none of them are really suitable for a tree house. Next best option: a raised platform, a simple structure that will be adaptable and expandable.
This corner of the yard held a trampoline before we moved in, and there hasn't been grass there for years. Perfect for a fort. The top part will be a platform, with a railing around. Avery would like a ladder and trap door, a zip line, Miles wants a slide and a steering wheel. I'd like to enclose the bottom for a little play house, or make a giant metal-pipe-banging-chime thing. We'll see. That's the beauty of a simple structure- it can become what we want it to be. First things first, though- Concrete footings, a floor up there, a railing and a ladder.


Jennifer said...

Your kid has talent. Really. He does.

But, no matter how talented and cute he is, you'd better talk to the neighbors about your metal pipe banging ideas!

You're such a good mama... you provide wonderful opportunities for your children.

mama-aya said...

Ooh, yeah... neighbors... I guess the neighbors who don't like the barking dogs in the neighborhood MIGHT not like a metal banging wall! Darn it. I've wanted a metal pipe outdoor sort of xylophone giant size thing as long as I've had boys. Have to figure it out with neighborly consideration, I guess....