Saturday, June 20, 2009

Radio Wonderground

Is our favorite! We used to listen to Northwest Public Radio ALL the time (like, turn the radio on at 7 am and don't turn it off until bedtime), but for some reason lately our reception isn't good on the kitchen radio, which is where I always listen to the news- out of the kids' ears and attentions. Besides, only having classical music all day would be lovely, if they played a bigger, more diverse selection of classical music. I mean, really, is there a reason to hear "Pomp and Circumstance" any time other than graduation season? Really.
So now we listen to Wonderground Radio, streamed through the computer, when we need to change it up. This station plays a mix of "kid" music and grown-up music, folk and rock, indie, jazz, blues, but it's all appropriate for children and not so saccharine sweet or "cute" that the grown ups can't take it with wanting shred stuffed animals with their teeth. If you know what I mean. And best of all, in the evenings, they play wind down music, perfect for background sound for baths and quiet play, evening chores and teeth brushing.
Check it out!


TKSawyer said...

You turned us onto Radio Wonderground and we love it. Unfortunately, we can not stream it through airtunes, so we often listen to the Current. Another goodie. You are such a wealth of information, friend.

Jennifer said...

I've never felt the need to use the acronym ROTFL until I read,"that the grown ups can't take it and want to shred stuffed animals with their teeth". Laughing until I pee my pants (or LUIPMP, if you will) also comes to mind.

mama-aya said...

Totally! LUIPMP even sounds funny as an acronym- makes me laugh just to READ it!