Monday, June 15, 2009

Project::Magnetic Chore Chart

After some fiddling around with different methods, different kinds of chore charts, we've arrived here, at the side of the fridge in the kitchen hall:

Both charts are simple- just 12x12 pieces of card stock, divided into a "To Do Today" column and a "Done!" column. There are a bunch of chore tags to the side- the focus area of the day (Living/Dining, Bedrooms, Family Room, Bathrooms, Kitchen, Garden, Outside) that we all work on, and specific chores or responsibilities (pjs on, empty hamper, set the table, clear the table, etc.).

It's working pretty well. Avery still tries to find things NOT on his chart to do, which is nice, and sometimes tries to negotiate out of the thins on his chart, which is maybe not as nice, and Miles is happy to see what his jobs are without needing help to read. He likes being able to see with his own eyes that he has jobs that are just his to do, but he also likes knowing that he and his brother have some jobs in common, too.
Anyway, another project down, and another tag moved to the DONE! side of my own mental chore chart. Hooray!


manda said...

I totally need to try this with Kody and Xae. I just have everything written on a lined piece of paper. It doesn't leave much room to change or add things and if we don't strictly follow it, Kody gets very upset!

Thanks for the idea ;)

mama-aya said...

No problem! We've tried charts, excel documents, all kinds of things- this is simple enough that even those 3 year olds can help *without help* which is wonderful. And I'm so happy you read my blog, thank you!

yalisha said...
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