Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Plans

Alarm Clocks? no time for them!
Beach Jetty Island, Ona Beach, Hood Canal, tide pools, beach glass, shells
Balls soccer, tennis, rubber band, beach
Cook Out barbecues in the backyard, campfire cooking, solar oven s'mores
Camp Mt. St. Helens, Cooper Lake, Bumping Lake, San Juan Islands, Oregon Coast
Can (rhubarb, asparagus) strawberry jam, cherries, pickled green beans, peaches, cucumber pickles, tomatoes, ketchup, apricots, plums, blueberry jam, fruit syrups, pears, applesauce, pickled beets, salsa
Castles sand, sticks, stones
Combine Demolition Derby in Lind, WA
Compost what can I say?
Construct a play platform in the backyard for Avery's 3rd grade building project
Draw alphabet and number wall cards for the fall
Garden there's weeding and pruning, harvesting, and admiring to do
Grass to cut, to weed whack, to water, to sit on, sleep in, and roll all over
Floorcloth for the dining room floor- I'm tired of picking food out of the carpet
Organise books using LibraryThing
Paint the kitchen (and then tile the back splash and floor, reface the cabinets, rebuild the shelves over the stove, and replace the counters)Who am I kidding? Paint!
Play and play and play
Party like they'll only be 9 and 3 this one summer- bubble party, science party, craft party....
Practice Avery's guitar, Miles' inside voice, Ansel's everything, my patience, Aaron's relaxing
Radial Travel how many places can we go in a day from right here? Make a wheel map!
Swim Franklin Pool, lakes, swimming holes, Naches River
Sew quilt, skirts and tops, branches and birds, school organization bags, bedroom curtains
Swing the best $20 ever spent- nothing to do but watch them fly!
Splash water spray parks, beach, sprinklers
Scrapbook hmmm... everything since 2004....
Summer House the weekend use of which we won at a church auction last fall
U-Pick there's all kinds of things to pick- cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, blueberries, apples, raspberries, strawberries, pears....
Unpack the garage- it's been two years and it would be nice to have the space for a workshop area, a dart board, and the freezer
Write my book idea, their pen pals, preschool curriculum for fall
Whittle Avery is old enough to start, I think... i think...
Walk and walk and walk. Cowiche Canyon, the Greenway, Naches Peak Loop, Boulder Cave
Worry less
Wonder more!


Jennifer said...

Sounds so wonderful. For a mommy of a new-ish born, you are one busy lady!

Are you up for adding a couple of mornings at the little river at Randall with us? The boys were just saying that it's time to play there, they think it's the best place ever invented.

We've finally got all of our miles in for the run tomorrow... we'll see you there!

mama-aya said...

I like that end of the park much more anyway.... and we have our miles, too, but Avery's been not wanting to walk anywhere since he has his chart all filled in. As if!