Thursday, July 24, 2008

Crazy Hat Day

Today was crazy hat day at tennis, which of course the kids didn't tell me about until an hour before we had to leave. Foal wore the Medusa hat we made last summer for the Greek Tales play they put on, and Mymy wore the winning hat from last summer's contest "Fourth of July". ABCD and I took his the hat from his old Mt St Helens costume, wrapped one of the dress-up bin red felt crowns around it, hot glued evergreen branches around, and then glued on the Smokey the Bear magnet from the fridge. Voila! A Forest Fire Prevention hat. Perfect for this hot, dry summer. And the tennis club Crazy Hat officials thought so too. He won first place! He has won every year, not that I want to brag or anything. Most kids wear store bought Halloween costumes or Cat in the Hat hats, so a little bit of homemade creativity stands out. Anyway, he won a visor this year, a cool red Nike one, and Foal won a Venus Williams poster and Sunny won new grips for his racket. Mymy wanted a prize, too, even though, of course, he's not in the class with the big kids, but they gave him a popsicle with all the big kids so he was ultimately satisfied. A fun day, even if it started out with a bit of a rush!

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