Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Food Plan July 14-20

breakfast- scone, scrambled egg, blueberries
snack- yogurt, cantaloupe
lunch- egg salad sandwiches, apricots, cucumber sticks
snack- scone, peanut butter, carrots
supper- potatoes, spinach, chicken, corn on the cob

breakfast- granola, milk, yogurt, blueberries
snack- scone, apricot
lunch- leftover supper
snack- carrots, banana bread, cottage cheese
supper- injera, chicken berebere, lentils, greens, squash
snack- ice cream

breakfast- banana bread, cream cheese, cantaloupe
snack- yogurt, blueberries
lunch- veggie hummus sandwiches
snack- smoothie popsicle
supper- frittata with bell peppers and sun dried tomatoes, garlic bread
snack- popcorn

breakfast- granola, milk, blueberries
snack- bread and butter, fruit leather
lunch- leftovers
supper- "taco" salad with ground turkey, potato
snack- ice cream with cinnamon oranges

breakfast- egg in a basket, fruit
snack- blueberry turnovers
lunch- cheese toast, veggies
snack- popsicle
supper- pizza, salad

breakfast- blueberry turnovers, yogurt
snack- fruit
lunch- leftover pizza
snack- nachos
supper- hamburgers with organic pastured beef, home fries, coleslaw, milkshakes

breakfast- puff cake, strawberry preserves
snack- fruit leather
lunch- leftover hamburger sandwiches
snack- popcorn
supper- roast chicken, wild rice, veggies, salad
snack- blueberry galette

Our grocery bill was $113.42, including 7th generation diapers and several other non-food purchases, plus $32 at the produce stand and the farmer's market. $145.42 total. Budget busted!

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