Friday, July 11, 2008

Doppler Effect

So the kids have been making up cool swing tricks all summer. There's "The Gravitron" where one kid swings high, and another grabs hold with both hands to one of the ropes so they swing around in a crazy wild circle. There's "The Death Drop" where they jump out and roll then flop down dead, but somehow laughing hysterically. "The Yellow Diaper of Doom" where they straddle the yellow plastic swing and have someone else twist the swing then push it. There are many tricks involving two or three kids straddling, hanging, shrieking and laughing. Who knew a $29 plastic swing and a great big old maple would be so entertaining?
But my favorite of their swing tricks is the newest one. "The Doppler Effect". One kid in the swing, twists it just enough so that he is facing the maple, on tiptoes, then releases and swings straight into the tree. Feet stop the child from slamming face first into the trunk, but as they come up to the tree they yell something, usually the name of a city or country (the epicenter of the storm) usually "Singapore" for some reason- I think it just sounds cool and exotic- never our town, since we don't have storms here, ever. It's called the doppler effect because they can hear and they swear they can feel the sound waves bouncing off the tree and back into their faces! I am continually astounded by the cleverness I am surrounded by. They're fabulous!
And they keep talking about how this is their best summer ever, and we haven't DONE anything, really. Swing. Slip and slide. Ride bikes around the dead end. Cover the driveway in chalk. Turn the guest room into a massive fort of mattresses and pillows and blankets draped everywhere. Eat ice cream cones. Find interesting things- smooshed snake in the road, the first ever brave potato bug, the one who didn't curl up when we held him. Poke the floating mass over the drain of the irrigation canal- see how its made up of tiny little leaves and things, yet moves as one solid piece? Listen to chapters. Read to each other. Tell our dreams, which leads to telling made up versions of dreams, which leads to making up stories. Play the same secret adventure game they've been playing since last summer.
It does sound pretty good, I guess!

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That lady with 6 daughters said...

Ohmygosh- your summer does sound like fun. Our swing is seeing a lot of action, too. And the tree house has been redecorated a thousand times. Glad you're having fun. Take lots of pictures!