Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hummer H3

The other day the kids heard someone talking about a contest to name the new Hummer H3 or something equally ridiculous. These are their versions, in case anyone at the Hummer company is inspired to use them, go ahead, I guess I just lost the contest submit form:
H3 Strikeout
H3 Disaster
H3 Bummer3 (because whenever we see a Hummer we shout out "Hummer Bummer")
H3 Putzatron (because Sunny's family shouts out "George Bush is a Putz" whenever they see a Hummer)
And some advertising slogans, in case you want to offer us a contract:
H3- Three times the gas of a normal SUV
H3- Say hi, hi, hi to the gas pump every day
H3- For people who don't care about the planet
H3- For people who don't care about anyone else
H3- For people who don't care about anything
H3- Smaller, but just as obnoxious
H3- 15 miles per gallon... $4 a gallon... you buy it, you deserve it!
H3- Fly, its cheaper
That's all they came up with before I distracted them with lemonade and the offer of a board game, but I thought the riff they had going was pretty funny, if not the most kind-spirited.

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