Thursday, June 26, 2008

The "F" Word

The kids this morning somehow started talking about the "F word", just like that, the way kids do. Curious, I asked where they'd heard it. Sunny said from watching an R movie with his parents, and from his Dad's buddies. Foal didn't know, and Avery chimed right in, with a glimmer in his eye "Papa said it at the dump one time when we saw a truck loaded really high with trash."
When I made the kids whisper what the "F" word was, or spell it, in my ear, promising they wouldn't get in trouble, both Foal and Sunny new the exact word. Avery, getting his thrill on, told me, very seriously, that the "F" stood for "freaking". As in, "That truck has a freaking huge load!" Whew. Dodged the bullet on that one.
And boy, is Papa ever in trouble for using the "F" word in front of the kids!

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