Monday, June 23, 2008

Food Plan June 23

breakfast- blueberry muffins, banana
snack- cheese and grapes
lunch- peanut butter and cinnamon sandwiches, carrots
snack- popcorn with brewer's yeast, smoothie popsicles
supper- shepherd's pie, salad
snack- vanilla ice cream and fresh cherries
tasks- start rice, beans, and flour soaking

breakfast- zucchini bread with butter, peanutbutter banana smoothie
snack- blueberry muffins, milk, raisins
lunch- egg salad sandwiches, carrot and cucumber sticks
snack- garlic white bean dip and veggies
supper- tandoori salmon, brown basmati rice, spinach, raita, salad, cardamom lassie
snack- blueberry crisp
tasks- soak flour in butter & yogurt for bread

breakfast- hashbrowns, eggs, cantaloupe
snack- zucchini bread with cream cheese
lunch- kindergarten soup, cheese toast
snack- white bean dip, crackers and veggies, popsicles
supper- asparagus frittata, oven fries, salad
snack- popcorn with brewer's yeast
tasks-soak flour

breakfast- french toast, yogurt, fruit
snack- hard boiled eggs and chili powder, grapes
lunch- bacon flapjacks, dried apple sauce
snack- tortilla chips and salsa, chocolate chip cookie
supper- white bean ratatouille bread pudding
snack- apple slices and peanut butter
tasks- soak oats

breakfast- oatmeal, dried fruit, milk
snack- graham crackers and nutella
lunch- egg salad sandwiches, veggie sticks, grapes
snack- cheese sticks, fruit
supper- The-Denver-or-Bust-DH-is-a-national-delegate-for-Obama-fundraiser spaghetti with
meatballs, garlic bread, salad
snack- chocolate cake

breakfast- puff cake, fruit, hashbrowns, sausage
snack- yogurt, fruit
lunch- spaghetti?
snack- white bean dip and veggies
supper- pizza, salad
tasks- soak oatmeal, flour for bread

breakfast- oatmeal, fruit, milk
snack- granola bar
lunch- meatball sandwiches or quesadillas
snack- fruit, chips and salsa
supper- roast chicken, potatoes, green beans, salad, rolls

Groceries this week were $82.65, not including several hundred for the fundraiser.

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