Friday, June 27, 2008


Mymy climbed on the table while I was spreading nutella on graham crackers for snack. "Fingertella, Mama?" (his favorite way of eating nutella, or jam, or honey- out of the jar, with his finger)

"No, Mymy, no fingertella. Sit in your chair and you can have a cracker."

Serious nod of the blond head, little guy climbing then sitting nicely in his blue tall chair. Then quick as a wink, he lunged across the table, grabbed the jar of nutella in two hands, sank back into his chair with the jar cradled on his lap, stuck in his hand, pulled out a fistful of nutella, and shouted gleefully "Teamwork, Mama, teamwork!"

And please notice his lovely haircut, administered to himself behind the couch (his favorite doing something naughty secret place) yesterday.

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