Monday, June 30, 2008

Our Friend Barack Obama

See- Barack Obama ( came to visit us! Well, we did have to pay- $29.95 plus shipping, but he's at our house and he's here to stay!
Actually we ordered this life-size cardboard Obama for fun, for part of the big fundraiser Friday night to raise money for the trip to Denver and the Democratic National Convention. A friend of ours took people's pictures with Obama and printed them out on glossy paper, different sizes. He's very popular here, who knew?
The fundraiser went very well- it seemed like everyone had a good time. My Mom cooked and shopped for a week ahead of time, and we all worked hard all day long (and all night- I think we got home and unpacked at 11:30 pm). There was homemade spaghetti and pasture fed beef meatballs, salad, homemade garlic bread, pound cake and different berries, whipped cream. Our friends at Selah Heights winery donated a case each of red and white wines. There were some games set up and a little silent auction. My parents donated some beautiful minerals. After supper we had a really fun band- the Okemah Fruit Tramps- they're local guys and they play tons of old-timey music. I think they turned it from just a regular fundraiser into kind of a community party, which is exactly what we wanted. A number of local politicians came, and had a good chance to talk to people in a relaxed environment.
We firmly believe that it is possible to raise money for political causes while strengthening the community and having fun. This fundraiser proved it! Thank you everyone!

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