Monday, June 30, 2008

First Tomatoes!

Hooray! Today I picked the first ripe tomatoes!
We had such a cold spring I couldn't even put the tomato plants in the ground until late May, and then they just kind of sat there for a few weeks, but now its over 100 and they're going gangbusters! Mmm.
I planted 26 tomato plants in the garden, and had two Brandywines I couldn't fit and couldn't kill, so they're in pots on the deck steps. I'll get around to killing them, I'm sure, but so far they get watered enough....
I also have lots of lettuce, a spinach patch about to be converted to lettuce, broccoli coming along, lots of sweet peppers and 12 hot peppers, green onions, garlic, onions, radishes everywhere, 3 kinds of potatoes, sugar snap peas, oddly struggling basil, green and yellow zucchini, lemon cucumbers, striped Armenian cucumbers, 4 kinds of winter squash (maybe 5?) and 3 kinds of melons. This is the best part, by far, of living in this dry hot land!
My baby rhubarb keeps on trying. The asparagus apparently didn't like their home, so I'll try again next spring in a different place and turn their patch into something fun. Maybe currants, with a big strawberry bed in front?
The raspberries are coming on strong. The 2 blueberry bushes I planted last spring haven't made any fruit, but the 6 I planted this spring are making a few berries. Mymy had the first ripe one this morning.
The baby pie cherry tree looked like some science fiction plant a couple of weeks ago- its only a few feet high and it was covered! in cherry stems, each with the cutest little cherry on the end. They're pretty tart, but the boys ate them anyway, before the birds could! It was a bowlful, at least.
And 4 of the billions of sunflowers surrounding the deck have flowers now, so its cheery every time I look outside from air conditioned comfort. Summer is here!

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